Company establishment service

If you are about to establish a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will find before you many types of companies, procedures for each type of company, and many documents required to establish your company. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialized law and legal services firm licensed by the Ministry of Justice and with sufficient experience in establishing companies, choosing the appropriate type for your commercial activity, securing the necessary documents for incorporation, drafting and preparing incorporation contracts and articles of association for companies, and following up on incorporation procedures before the competent government agencies.

Our office is one of the leading law firms in providing company establishment services of various types through an elite group of specialized lawyers who are able to help you choose the appropriate legal form for your commercial project and follow up on all stages and procedures of establishing the company and documenting it with the Ministry of Commerce and the competent authorities.


What does the company establishment service provided by our office include?

1. Providing legal advice on the optimal form of the company that suits your project or business activity.
2. Drafting and preparing the company’s articles of incorporation or bylaws.
3. Providing all official documents and papers necessary to establish the company.
4. Follow up on the procedures for establishing the company and documenting it with the Ministry of Commerce.
5. Follow up on the necessary procedures and licenses with other government agencies.
6. Drafting and preparing the contracts and regulations necessary to start the company’s activity.


Mechanism for providing company establishment service:

1. Our office provides you with the company establishment service through the best lawyers and legal advisors specialized in establishing companies and who have long experience in following up the establishment procedures on your behalf, saving time and allowing you to devote yourself to managing your project.
2. The legal advisor meets with the partners and learns information about the commercial project or business activity to be established.
3. The legal advisor determines the type of company to be established and what is the most appropriate form for the client and the commercial project (solidarity company – simple joint stock company…).
4. The legal advisor explains to the client the features of each type of company, the reason for choosing the most appropriate legal type for the business project, the characteristics of the company, and how to manage the company, its finances, and share profits.
5. The company’s contract of incorporation and articles of association are prepared and drafted. The contract of incorporation specifies who the founders and members of the board of directors are, the name of the company, its activity, the company’s headquarters, its capital, the share of each partner in it, how it is managed, and all information and details related to the company.
6. The articles of incorporation are presented to the partners for approval and signature.
7. The lawyer establishes the company on behalf of the partners, obtains the necessary licenses, and carries out registration procedures before the Ministry of Commerce and other government agencies.
8. The documents required to establish the company are completed in our office and the required licenses and approvals are obtained in accordance with the applicable regulations.
9. The company’s commercial register is extracted and it becomes a legal personality and financial liability independent of the partners’ liability.

Our services in the field of establishing companies also include the following items:

  • Amending companies’ incorporation contracts.
  •  Input and exit of partners.
  •  Merger of companies.
  •  Liquidation of companies.
  •  Adjusting companies’ capital.
  •  Completing the procedures for selling or transferring shares or shares.
  •  Registration in the commercial register.
  •  Drafting internal regulations and employment contracts for company employees.
  •  Drafting lease and sale contracts and all contracts accompanying the establishment of companies.


Why can you trust our services:

  •  We place in your hands a group of the best lawyers and legal advisors in the field of establishing companies, providing legal protection, and obtaining distinguished legal services that qualify you to create an ideal work environment in your company and achieve your requirements and investment goals.
  •  Our office features an integrated team of lawyers and consultants who work around the clock to provide legal support services to companies at all times.
  •  The legal advisors and lawyers in our office have professional experience characterized by accuracy, mastery, efficiency, and the ability to negotiate and communicate effectively with clients and clients.
  •  Keeping up with and following up on developments and updates of companies’ systems and informing clients of every systems update related to their projects.
  •  Ensuring the confidentiality of information, as all information and correspondence provided by the client remains confidential and not available for viewing by anyone in order to preserve the client’s privacy, and is governed by the rules that protect the confidentiality of the relationship between the client and the lawyer.
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