Contracts and agreements drafting service

Drafting contracts and agreements is the cornerstone of any successful investment activity, and drafting them by specialized lawyers in an optimal manner guarantees the rights of the parties and spares business owners from many difficulties and legal problems that may threaten the success of their business. Most of the disputes that are brought before the judiciary in commercial and financial cases are due to the lack of a clear agreement. Between the two parties, or ambiguity in the agreement, or its lack, and lack of familiarity with all the agreed upon aspects, this is what leads to disagreements that may reach the point of dispute before the judiciary.

In order to avoid falling into these disputes and to avoid wasting time and incurring additional financial costs that you do not need, contracts and agreements between the parties must be prepared and drafted by specialized lawyers and legal advisors in an integrated and comprehensive manner of all clearly agreed upon points and in accordance with the statutory and legal texts and requirements to avoid any dispute.


First, what is the importance of drafting contracts and agreements?

  1. Contracts regulate the relationship between parties and define the rights and duties of each party, so they must be drafted in a clear and proper way to prevent any confusion.

  2. Contracts are one of the sources of obligation in the law, and therefore the effects that result from them are considered obligations that must be implemented. It is necessary to pay attention to all the details of the provisions contained in them and to formulate them in sound and clear language because of the obligations that their parties will have after signing them.

  3.  The contract is the law of the contracting parties, which expresses the will of the parties. Therefore, this will must be formulated in a correct, clear, and expressive legal manner in order to avoid any dispute in the interpretation of the terms of the contract. Most of the disputes that occur when implementing the contract result from weakness in its wording and inaccuracy, so a specialized lawyer must be sought. In drafting contracts to ensure the rights of contracting parties and to prevent any dispute between them.

  4. Drafting contracts in a sound and clear manner leads to achieving the objectives of commercial transactions, such as ease and speed of implementation, enhancing trust between merchants and commercial establishments, and continuing commercial transactions between them, in addition to achieving profit and guaranteeing rights.

Secondly, what is the legal drafting service for contracts and agreements that our office provides?

Our office provides the service of drafting local and international commercial contracts and agreements, in Arabic and English, by the best lawyers and legal consultants in the Kingdom. Our legal drafting services cover many areas, including, but not limited to:

1. Company incorporation contracts
2. Partnership and cooperation contracts and agreements
3. Mergers and acquisitions contracts and agreements between companies
4. Contracting contracts
5. Contracts for providing services and selling products
6. Manufacturing, supply and distribution contracts
7. Advertising and marketing contracts
8. Information Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
9. Non-competition commitment agreement in the employment contract
10. Terms and Conditions Agreement and Privacy Policy
11. Memorandums of understanding and cooperation and partnership protocols
12. Commercial concession contracts
13. Drafting arbitration agreements


Mechanism for providing legal drafting services for contracts and agreements:

1. Our office provides you with international and local contract drafting services in Arabic and English, and puts at your disposal the expertise of the best lawyers and legal advisors to guarantee your rights and protect your interests.
2. The client explains the nature of the agreed upon work, the mechanism for providing the services or products subject to the contract, and what points he wishes to clarify in the contract or the special conditions agreed upon between the two parties.
3. The lawyer or legal advisor of our office collects the information, records it and adapts the legal nature of the contract.
4. The lawyer or legal advisor drafts the contract and identifies all the agreed upon points, including all the details, based on the applicable regulations and laws.
5. The customer receives a preliminary copy of the contract or agreement to view, review, and express his comments.
6. The legal advisor makes the required amendments and suggests the most correct and safest legal points for the client in a way that guarantees his rights and achieves his interests, and then approves the final version.


Why can you trust our services?

  •  Our office has an elite group of the most experienced lawyers and legal consultants in drafting local and international contracts and agreements.
  •  We allocate sufficient time for the client to understand all the details and information of the contract to reach the best formulation that guarantees his rights, interests, and the success of his business.
  •  Our office is distinguished by keeping up with and following up on developments and updates of regulations and laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure that contracts and agreements are drafted in accordance with the latest amendments.
  • We work to protect the rights of our customers through honesty, accuracy, and outstanding performance.
  •  In our office you will find the best expertise and the best legal services in all fields in commercial cases, corporate cases, labor cases, civil cases, financial claims, and implementation issues.
  •  Ensuring the confidentiality of information, as all information and correspondence provided by the client remains confidential and not available for viewing by anyone in order to preserve the client’s privacy, and is governed by the rules that protect the confidentiality of the relationship between the client and the lawyer.
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