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Law firm Sarah Saeed Al-Ghamdi Law Office was established in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The office is considered one of the leading offices in the field of law, legal services and consultations, and the most important legal services provided by the office are pleading and litigation, drafting contracts and agreements, establishing companies, registering trademarks, and providing legal solutions to emerging companies. The office is distinguished by its precise specialization in both commercial and corporate issues, and labor issues, and in establishing, structuring and supporting companies to apply the highest standards of governance and protect our clients’ trademarks.

Behind the office is a distinguished team of licensed lawyers and legal consultants specialized in various legal fields to provide the best legal solutions for your business and individual legal needs. Through the website, Sarah Saeed Al-Ghamdi’s office seeks to provide a set of integrated legal services that are compatible with the client’s needs, which contribute to preserving his rights, strengthening his legal position, and facilitating his access to legal services and consultations by providing these services and legal consultations through modern means of communication, by meeting with the client and discussing the details of his case. Providing legal solutions without the client needing to come to the office’s headquarters.

مكتب محاماة سارة سعيد الغامدي للمحاماة والاستشارات القانونية
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Sarah Saeed Al-Ghamdi's office is officially accredited by the following entities:

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The office of the lawyer Sarah Saeed Al-Ghamdi provides a wide range of legal services and consultations that are characterized by accuracy and professionalism through a distinguished work team with extensive experience, knowledge and knowledge, specialized in regulations and laws, who strive to provide legal services with high standards in both commercial cases, corporate issues, and labor issues, and to provide legal solutions for companies. Emerging.

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We seek to be the best law firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We know that accuracy and professionalism in work, in addition to speed in providing services, are what the client is looking for. Therefore, we are keen to provide you with the best experience in your journey with us and to be the best law firm to deal with, and even to be your first choice.


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