Legal consulting service

There is no doubt that legal advice and sound legal opinion on the issue before starting any business, commercial or financial activity is of great importance in preventing any future legal problem that may have a negative impact on the success of your project and the preservation of your money.
Our office provides legal consultation service through an elite group of specialized lawyers and legal advisors to provide legal advice or legal opinion and provide legal solutions in the required manner, whether written or oral consultation, according to what is appropriate to the nature of the consultation or legal question.

First, the concept of legal advice:

Legal advice is a legal opinion provided by lawyers or jurists at the request of a person who wishes to determine a specific legal situation. He presents to the legal advisor the realistic elements of the issue, asking him to determine the legal consequences that could result from it. The legal advisor then assists him with the opinion that explains the legal situation to him. All its aspects and what is the proper legal action appropriate to his case, which ensures that the client obtains his full rights and avoids falling into legal violations.


Secondly, what types of legal consultations does our office provide:

First, the oral consultation: Our office provides the oral consultation service by reviewing and analyzing documents and facts and providing a detailed oral explanation of all the legal points that are the subject of the consultation.

Secondly, the written consultation: After reviewing all documents related to the consultation, the legal advisor in our office provides the written consultation service, which includes a detailed and written legal analysis and clarifies all legal issues. The written consultation is considered the best because it enables the client to refer to it at any time.

Third, electronic consultation: Out of our concern for the client’s comfort and our desire to shorten time and make it easier for our clients, the client can obtain the electronic consultation service remotely through our office’s website, where the client can send the documents related to the legal consultation with a full explanation of all the points to be legally inquired about, and he will respond. Our legal advisor clearly and concisely explains the actions to be taken.


Third, what is the importance of obtaining legal advice:

Protecting your rights and interests: The legal advisor helps you know your rights and duties in any commercial or financial activity you undertake, and the legal advisor allows you to know the most correct options to protect your interests and rights in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws.

Providing sound legal knowledge: The legal advisor has sufficient knowledge of all regulations, laws and procedures followed in any situation you may encounter while conducting your business activities.

Preventing future legal problems: The legal advisor has sufficient experience to know the potential legal dangers and allows you to make the right decision to avoid any legal problem in the future.

Taking sound legal measures: The legal advisor helps you know the documents required for your project, the necessary licenses to practice your commercial or financial activity, and follow sound legal procedures to avoid any legal accountability.

Determine risks and gains: The legal advisor will explain to you for each step you take in your project, what are the expected legal risks and what are the potential gains based on the applicable regulations and laws.

Mechanism for providing legal consultation service:

Out of concern for our clients’ time, the client can request a legal consultation service via phone or website via the “Request a Service” page or via the WhatsApp number shown at the top of the page, and provide the office with the documents and papers related to the consultation. The legal advisor will follow up with the client on the details of the consultation and provide a detailed explanation. A clear legal analysis of the client and what is the appropriate course of action for his case. The advice can be written or verbal, as determined by the legal advisor.

Why can you trust our services?

  •  The lawyers and legal consultants in our office have distinguished, multi-disciplinary legal experience to meet your legal requirements by providing you with high-quality advice and advisory services and providing legal opinions in all commercial, labor and civil fields in accordance with the client’s requirements.
  •  Providing consultations in a way that suits the client’s convenience, whether in the office, with the client attending our office, or remotely through the office’s website and electronic means of communication, where legal advisors are available at all times to respond to legal consultations and inquiries.
  •  Our office is distinguished by keeping up with and following up on developments and updates in the laws on a daily basis. The legal advisor closely follows every update in the laws on a daily basis to ensure that you obtain legal advice in an optimal manner and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and their amendments.
  •  In our office you will find the best expertise and the best legal services in all fields in commercial cases, corporate cases, labor cases, civil cases, financial claims, and implementation issues.
  •  Ensuring the confidentiality of information, as all information and correspondence provided by the client remains confidential and not available for viewing by anyone in order to preserve the client’s privacy, and is governed by the rules that protect the confidentiality of the relationship between the client and the lawyer.
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