Pleading and litigation service

The right to litigation is one of the most important natural human rights, as every individual can repel any attack that constitutes a violation of his rights and freedoms. This right is one of the basic guarantees for strengthening the principle of the rule of law and protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals, and with the development of economic activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the increase in commercial transactions and the entry of companies and investments. Business owners often find themselves facing a legal dispute related to their dealings and investments, which may hamper their business. Therefore, it is necessary to appoint a licensed and accredited law firm that includes lawyers and legal advisors to represent them before the courts and undertake the task of pleading and defending their rights from any attack that may threaten their interests.

We are pleased to provide in our office the service of representing clients (individuals or companies) in all judicial bodies in commercial, labor, administrative and civil cases and litigation before all public, commercial, labor, administrative and appellate courts, judicial committees, arbitration committees and competent government agencies, by an elite group of licensed and specialized lawyers who are distinguished by their experience. And high professionalism.

First, what is the concept of pleading and litigation:

The lawyer shall represent the client before the competent judicial authorities, pursuant to a legal power of attorney, which grants the lawyer the authority to attend and plead cases on behalf of the client before these competent judicial authorities, starting from the courts of first instance until the end of the litigation levels. Litigation is a right granted by law to the right holder when an assault on his right occurs, to file a lawsuit before the competent judicial authorities based on evidence that supports his right, in order to repel the assault and collect his rights until the end of the litigation stages and his obtaining a final ruling.


Litigation system in Saudi Arabia
The litigation system in Saudi Arabia consists of three levels:

Court of First Instance (Court of First Instance): The plaintiff files a lawsuit for the first time before the Court of First Instance to claim his rights.

The Court of Second Instance (Court of Appeal): before which judgments issued by the courts of first instance are appealed. In the event that the parties are not satisfied with the ruling, the ruling issued by the Court of First Instance is appealed before the Court of Appeal. In this case, the Court of Appeal may uphold or deny the ruling of the first instance.

Third-tier court (Supreme Court): The Supreme Court considers the extent to which the contested ruling conforms to the system, and its rulings cannot be appealed except in exceptional cases specifically stipulated in the Sharia Procedures System.


Secondly, what is the legal representation and pleading service before the courts that our office provides?

Our office provides legal representation, pleading, and litigation services before all courts of all levels and whatever the legal position, by representing the client – individuals or companies – in commercial, labor, administrative, and civil cases, and before all of the general, commercial, labor, and administrative courts, judicial committees, and competent government agencies, by attending and pleading on behalf of the client and preparing Drafting regulations and memorandums, providing all evidence, evidence, and legal and legal supports to defend all rights, following up on litigation procedures until they end with a final ruling, and completing implementation procedures by an elite group of licensed, specialized lawyers distinguished by experience and knowledge, and following up on cases until the ruling is implemented.

Mechanism for providing pleading and litigation service:

1. Our office provides you with legal representation, pleading, and litigation services through specialized lawyers in order to protect your rights and collect your money in a legal manner.
2. The lawyer meets with the client and learns the information and details of the case.
3. The lawyer requests all documents related to the case that constitute proof of the case and a legal document for it.
4. The lawyer begins by legally preparing the case and determining the type of lawsuit to be filed and what is the competent court to file the lawsuit before.
5. The statement of claim is prepared by the attorney assigned to our office, stating all the materials and legal jurisprudence that support the claim and attaching all documents and papers that constitute evidence that can be relied upon to prove the claim.
6. The statement of claim is submitted with all documents via the Najez platform, and the case is followed up by attendance and pleading until a final ruling is issued.
7. When the case is won and a ruling is issued, the lawyer shall implement the ruling before the Execution Court upon gaining finality.


Why can you trust our services?

  • Our office has a long record of cases that the office has won for its clients, which gives them complete confidence in obtaining their rights.
  •  The office employs a group of the most experienced lawyers and legal advisors to plead before the courts, prepare memorandums and regulations, and respond to them.
  • Our office has the best lawyers and legal advisors in all civil, commercial, labor, and administrative fields.
  • We provide the client with all the details of the case, its procedures, and the stages of the case’s progress and follow up on it on an ongoing basis.
  •  Protecting the rights and interests of our clients is our priority through honesty, accuracy and outstanding performance.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information, as all information and correspondence provided by the client remains confidential and not available for viewing by anyone in order to preserve the client’s privacy, and is governed by the rules that protect the confidentiality of the relationship between the client and the lawyer.
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