Legal services for startups

There are many legal considerations necessary for the success of startup companies. It is important to establish the company’s legal framework and the internal system that governs the company’s relationship with its employees to ensure the proper functioning of work. Any startup company must obtain the necessary permits and licenses for the company’s operation to avoid imposing fines. It is also necessary to prepare and draft contracts and agreements with clients to protect their rights.
Our office is one of the leading law firms in providing legal services to emerging companies and providing advanced legal solutions designed to suit the business model and needs of each company according to its nature, in addition to following up on all the legal services that the company needs to start its activity and protect its rights and interests in the optimal way.


First, the concept of startup companies:

The term startup companies refers to newly established companies and can be defined as:
Any commercial project whose purpose is to develop and grow significantly and works to search for a scalable business model where the founders present an idea to meet a market need or to solve customer problems and is characterized by flexibility, speed, and the ability to adapt to market changes.


Secondly, the common legal mistakes that startup companies make:

1. Non-compliance with government regulations and laws.
2. Failure to draft contracts and agreements in a proper legal manner.
3. Failure to protect the company’s intellectual property.
4. Failure to prepare the internal regulations in accordance with the correct legal requirements.
5. Do not seek legal advice from specialized lawyers.


Thirdly, what is the importance of benefiting from the legal services for startup companies that our office provides?

Each type of startup company has regulations and laws that regulate its work, so it is necessary to seek the help of a specialized lawyer with knowledge of the laws to provide appropriate legal solutions. Among the works that our office provides are:
1. The lawyer and legal advisor provide advice in choosing the appropriate business structure for the company to ensure the protection of its assets and capital.
2. The lawyer and legal advisor help in finding solutions and dealing with all legal problems that may arise from practicing commercial activity.
3. A lawyer and legal consultant can provide legal solutions regarding developing marketing plans.
4. Providing legal advice on structuring investments and the necessary procedures for investing in the Saudi market.
5. Formulating and preparing administrative decisions before presenting them to the competent authorities.
6. Preparing and reviewing investment contracts and concluding agreements.
7. The lawyer and legal advisor assists in drafting and reviewing employee contracts to comply with work systems and preparing and reviewing internal work systems and regulations.

Mechanism for providing legal consultation service:

Our office provides you with the service of providing legal solutions for startup companies and preparing the necessary legal studies in addition to all the legal documents and requirements of the startup company. We draft the contracts and agreements that the company needs at all stages in accordance with the latest international legal practices, and decide on its procedures and requirements before the competent authorities to ensure its compliance with the laws and regulations in a way that supports its presence and enables it to work smoothly.

  • The first step in understanding the legal requirements for startups is to learn about the laws and regulations that apply to your business, depending on the type of business you will be doing.
  • The legal advisor determines the types of documents that must be created and preserved in order to comply with the regulations and laws related to the type of company and its commercial activity.
  • Internal work regulations and legal requirements for employees are prepared in accordance with the work system.
  •  Employment contracts, contracting contracts and agreements for the company are prepared according to what its activity requires.
  •  Taking all necessary measures to protect the intellectual property and brand of the company.


Why can you trust our services?

  • In our office, we are keen to be closest to our clients when establishing their companies in order to help them achieve their goals and preserve their interests.
  • An integrated team of lawyers and consultants to provide legal solutions for emerging companies at all times and in accordance with the rapid changes of markets and company activities.
  • The legal consultants and lawyers in our office have professional experience and understanding of all the problems startup companies face.
  •  Reducing legal risks that may threaten the success of your company by providing distinguished legal advice.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information, as all information and correspondence provided by the client remains confidential and not available for viewing by anyone in order to preserve the client’s privacy, and is governed by the rules that protect the confidentiality of the relationship between the client and the lawyer.
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